Before becoming a mother, I buried myself in work. I had 3 jobs and barely got time off. I was working over 40 hours a week, and still worked full time right before I gave birth. I was pretty much a workaholic and I took pride in keeping myself busy.

So when I found out I was pregnant, my initially reaction was:

Yup! I knew I would be a mother some day, one day. I just didn’t think it would really happen.  Parenthood is a huge step. I knew there were sacrifices you have to make as a parent, and responsibilities to fulfill.

For me personally, it was a no brainier. I didn’t grow up having a mother. Therefore, I wasn’t going to repeat the same mistake pattern and wanted to be the best mom I could be. Especially, during these infant years, when they’re just sponges and pure ball of love.

So I quit my jobs and took motherhood head on! Plus, I’m tech savvy, most of the time, and I know how to work the internet. How difficult could being a stay at home mom be?


Well,  it’s pretty tough some days and  extremely tiresome those first couple months. Also, I’m in no means an expert on motherhood but I’ve grown and learned a few things through trial and error.

How I survive!

My sanity is kept and sometimes lost on exhausting days. Therefore, I’ve created this acronym to stay balanced and keep me at  peace.


  • Plan your days!  In the beginning I found it very stressful. I didn’t have control over my days, my baby did. But it helped a lot when I had something, anything planned. You can start small, such as: going for a walk in the afternoon, preparing your lunch/dinner,  or attending a La Leche League meeting later in the week.  It’s always enjoyable to look forward to something. Then you can gradually establish a daily routine, that will work for you and baby.


  • Grant yourself some leisure time. It can be tough when your a first time and  stay at home mom, believe me. Your glued to baby and can’t help but watch her all the time. Even if baby is fast asleep and it’s just to make sure they’re breathing.  However, it’s really important to take some free time for yourself.  It can be 15 or 30 minutes, to go on a walk or a drive to the grocery store.  When I realized, I need my “me time,” I felt a bit guilty and was filled with anxiety. But now, my free time is as good as gold!



  • Keep your mind and body active. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just eat healthy and keep your brain sharp! I’ve found that doing activities that incorporate  baby, helps a lot. This can be reading your favorite book aloud, doing a crossword puzzle and sharing it with baby! Adult coloring books are awesome!  As for maintaining a healthy eating regime, it can be hard when your hands are full taking care of an infant. However, starting out with eating breakfast, adding more vegetables in your meals, and hydrating daily, I’ve found to be quite beneficial. Plus, you’ll have more energy to play with baby later. I enjoy doing yoga, mediating, and going on a walk too. It’s great when you get out of the house and have some fresh air!

Yell / Yodel

  • When your having a frustrating and stressful day, where baby doesn’t latch or continues to just cry….. go ahead and just belt it out! Scream! Yell! Shout! Not at your partner or baby of course. Do it in the confines of your bathroom, your car, or whenever during your free time. You’ll feel so much better. If your not a yeller, yodel it out!!!

By the way…

I really disliked it when people would say, “Sleep when baby sleeps…” Believe me you can only try.


But you’ll get the hang of it as months go by and you and baby grow together!

Happy Friday 😀