Happy New Year to all!

Pretty MIA these days due to the nature of my job and the majority of time I choose to spend with my family.  These include normal life stuff, such as camping, birthdays, going to parks, museums, dinner date nights, all the things that help me stay sane. Either way, I’ve been wanting to end this year on a happy and lighthearted note! Almost made it, though it’s several minutes late.

Therefore, I share to you a family tradition of ours,  that I really didn’t realize we did until last year.

GUESS WHAT?! We LOVE taking, cheesy, corny, and funny family photos! So during the Holidays, we ham it up!

It’s a fun, easy, and an enjoyable activity for the whole family.


  • Find hassle-free photographer that meets your family’s needs.  (For us this year and last, was JCPenney!  All we had to do is buy a Groupon, and go to our nearby mall. Our talented, photographer, friend had moved to Boston and we couldn’t relocate with them.)
  • Dress up and have a theme! (In costume, make up, props, etc.)
  • Smile! Laugh! Work it! Pose! En Vogue.


Further adieu…