Since I have taken quite a hiatus in writing this blog, due to you know… Life.

I thought to share with you all this fun, ‘First Born Survey!’ 🙂


1. Was your first pregnancy planned?

2. Were you married at the time?

3. What were your reactions?
I was in shock. My husband was calm.

4. How did you find out your were pregnant?
During my annual physical.

5. Who did you tell first?
My brother.

6. Did you want to find out the sex of the baby?

7. Did you have morning sickness?
Not really. I had no idea I was even pregnant during my first trimester.

8. What did you crave?
Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, mint chocolate chip ice cream, fried bologna sandwiches with cheese, Longanisa, rice, eggs, and Taro Boba.

9. What irritated you the most?
People telling me not to stress out.

10. How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy?
45-50 lbs.

11. Did you have a baby shower?

12. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?
My water broke, I was not dilating enough, and nearing 20 hours at a birth cottage. We decided to go to the nearest hospital.

13. Where did you give birth?
Tallahassee, Florida.

14. How many hours were you in labor?
27 hours.

15. Who drove you to the hospital?
My partner, Brannon. 

16. Who watched you give birth?
My partner, Brannon. 

17. Was it natural or c-section?
Vaginal Birth.

18. Did you take medicine to ease the pain?
Epidural and Pitocin.

19. When was your child born?

20. What did you name them?


Everyday is Mother’s day!!! <3