Fall is finally here my friends! Copper orange and red, golden-yellow, earthy brown leaves trickling away from the bark of oak trees. Canopy roads so picturesque, you just want to keep driving because the scenery is so entrancing. Then there’s PUMPKINS!!! 

Pumpkins sold everywhere. You can’t escape the Pumpkin spiced lattes filling the air of coffee shops. Delicious, moist, out of the oven pumpkin loaves luring you into bakeries.

Not to mention PIES!! Pumpkin pies, apple pies, and pecan pies!

Aromatics overload. I LOVE it.

Thus in spirit of the season, I just had to crochet my daughter a pumpkin beanie. Though I hadn’t picked up a needle in years,  I was determined to picture her adorable face in one. She had to share my spirit in this spooky, food filled season.

Plus, can anybody say…. Cute, toddler photo session!?


Gave me a good reason to bust out my dusty camera and take my little one roaming at the Farmer’s Market!


She makes a good model or should I say subject.


Perfect little subject to observe. She has my husband and I’s dance moves. We dance when no one is looking.


Happy Fall Ya’ll! 😉