YAY! We made it a year of breastfeeding!!!

My goal was to EBF my baby girl for at least 365 days, which I have  done so and counting! This breastfeeding journey of ours has been a rough, joyous, rocky, and euphoric road.  Remembering those endless nights of piercing pain, engorgement, cracked nipples and struggling with having her latch. We’ve come so far! Nothing can take away my nurturing bond with my daughter.

Plus what perfect timing, since last month was National Breastfeeding Awareness month

The past 3 months have been a whirlwind of adventures!


Baby girl had her first airplane ride!

We traveled across country to the Pacific Northwest for my Lola’s 90th birthday!




My daughter got to meet her Filipino side of the family! Missed the fam bam <3

Then we hiked Mt. Rainier!



Nursed baby girl there, while she enjoyed the spectacular view of the mountain!

We visited family in Las Vegas, Nevada and attempted to hike Mt. Charleston.



I took a quick break, while baby girl quenched her thirst. 

We drove up to Decatur, GA for their Tiny House Festival, because I LOVE tiny homes!



Listened to a thought provoking and informative speaker, while nursing my baby girl to sleep. 

Spent time with family and ate some yummy brats with beer!



Decided to quench my thirst because mama bear gets thirsty too!

All in all, I don’t see this breastfeeding journey of ours ending anytime soon. I enjoy breastfeeding stealthily in public now! Most importantly being able to nourish my growing girl whenever I can. <3

And what’s that Freddie Mercury:

Can’t stop me now!