Ever wonder what those breastfeeding abbreviations and acronyms stand for? Even after 5 months of giving birth, I still am overwhelmed by all the Mommy lingo out there.

So after hours of searching, I have compiled this long list to share with you all.  Have fun!

Also, I’ve created this for SNG and to confuse my SO!  FWIW, as a FTM and SAHM, who EBF her LO, I love challenging myself with DIY projects BC IRL sometimes I just want to CIO and JC at the end of the day. 

YW,  GGN,  LOL  😀


A3Anytime, anywhere, anyplace

AAPAlways a pleasure

AAMOFAs a matter of fact

ACAssisted conception

AF =  Aunt Flo (your period)

AFAIK As far as I know

AIArtificial insemination

AIO = All-in-one (don’t need separate cover over diaper in disposable diaper)

AKA  = Also known as

AP Attachment parenting (child rearing philosophy)

ARTAssisted reproductive technology

ASAP = As soon as possible

BBIAM/BRB Be back in a minute / be right back

BB/ BBS  = Bulletin board

BBL Be back later

BBTBasal body temperature

BCBecause, or Birth control, or Before children

BCPs Birth control pills

BD  = Baby dance (sex for conception)

BF Breastfeed or Boyfriend

BFN Big fat negative (pregnancy test)

BFP = Big fat positive (pregnancy test)

BH = Braxton Hicks contractions

BIL Brother-in-law

BM = Breast milk, or Bowel movement

BP = Blood pressure

BTDT = Been there, done that

BTW = By the way

B2W = Back to work

CC Controlled crying, (method of sleep training an infant)

CCE = Certified Childbirth  Educator

CD Cloth diaper or Cycle day

CEIM = Ceritified Educator in Infant Massage

CF  = Cervical fluid

CIMI = Certified Infant Massage Instructor

CIO  = Cry it out

Circ.  = Circumcise

CLE = Certified Lactation Educator

CM = Cervical mucus

CS or C/S Cesarean section

CUL  = See you later

CVS = Chorionic villus sampling

CWIM See what I mean

DA = Dairy allergy

DC = Daycare, dear child

D&C = Dilation and curettage

DD = Dear daughter

DF Dear fiance

DH  = Dear husband

DIY  = Do it yourself

DP = Dear partner

DPO Days past ovulation

DS Dear son

DSD Dear stepdaughter

DSS  = Dear stepson

DTD Do the deed (sex)

DW Dear wife

DXP = Dear ex partner

EBF  = Extended breastfeeding, Exclusively Breastfeeding

EBM = Expressed breast milk

EDD Estimated due date, or expected date of delivery

EN Extended nursing

EP = Ectopic pregnancy

ER  = Egg retrieval

ET Embryo

EWCM  = Egg white cervical mucus

FAQ  = Frequently asked question

FF  = Formula feeding

FIL Father in law

FS Food stamps

FT Full time

FTM First time mom

FTR For the record

FWIW = For what it’s worth

FYI  = For your information

GD  = Gestational diabetes

GF Gluten-free or Girlfriend

GGN  = Gotta go now

GN Good night

HCG  = Human chorionic gonadotropin

HPT = Home pregnancy test

HTH  = Hope this helps

IBCLC = International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

IC  = Incompetent cervix

ICCE = International Certified Childbirth Educator

ICSI Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

IMHO In my honest opinion

IMO In my opinion

IRL  = In real life

ILU I love you

ITA I totally agree

IUI Intrauterine insemination

IVF  = In vitro fertilisation

JAM  = Just a minute

JC  = Just Chill

JJ or J/J Just joking

JK or J/K  = Just kidding

JLT  = Just like that

JMHO Just my humble opinion, or Just my honest opinion

KWIM  = Know what I mean

LCCE = Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

L&D Labour and delivery

LO Little one

LOL  = Laughing out loud

LP  = Luteal phase

MC or M/C  = Miscarriage

MIL Mother-in-law

ML  = Maternity leave

MM Mother’s milk

MS Morning sickness

MW Midwife

MYOB Mind your own business

NAK Nursing at keyboard

NFP Natural family planning (rhythm method)

NMS Not my style

NMSAA Not my style at all

NP No problem

NTS Nuchal translucency scan


O’d Ovulated

ODD Oldest dear daughter

ODS  = Oldest dear son

OH Other half

OMG Oh my gosh, or oh my god

OPK Ovulation predictor kit

OP  = Original poster

OT Off topic

OWT Old wives tale

PCOS Polycystic ovarian syndrome

PCOD Polycystic ovarian disorder

PG  = Pregnant, pregnancy

PJ Poor joke

PMS  = Premenstrual syndrome

POAS Pee on a stick (pregnancy test)

POF Premature ovarian failure

PP  = Previous poster

PPD Postpartum depression

PPL People

PM Private message

PND Postnatal depression

PPD =  Postpartum depression

PROM  = Premature rupture of membranes

PZA Pizza

RE  = Reproductive endocrinologist

RLT Raspberry leaf tea

ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing

SAHM Stay at home mum/mom

SAHD Stay at home dad

SAYP  = Stay at home parent

SB Still birth

SD Sperm donor

SIL  = Sister-in-law

SNG = Shits and giggles

SO  = Significant other

TC Take care

TCOYF  = Taking charge of your fertility

TIA Thanks in advance

TMI  =Too much information

TTC  = Trying to conceive

TTFN  = Tata for now

TTYL Talk to you later

TY Thank you

US or U/S Ultrasound

UTI  = Urinary tract infection

VBAC = Vaginal birth

WAH  = Work at home

WM Working mom

WOH Work out of the home

YDD  = Youngest dear daughter

YDS Youngest dear son

YW = You’re welcome