Ah so many baby stuffs!

During my pregnancy, I was overwhelmed by all the baby gear that was out there.  Baby clothes, strollers, car seats, toys, cribs, bottles, diapers, breastfeeding items, etc. Rather than thinking of what we needed, I should of asked myself, “What don’t we need?”

Don’t get me wrong, all the countless hours I spent researching what I needed to add on our baby registry didn’t go to waste. We’ve used most of the items and will be planning to use the rest.

However, as an exclusively breastfeeding, new mother, with an almost 5 months old baby, here’s what I’ve learned and compiled for you new soon to be mums out there.


  • Baby changing table. Portable changing pads, yes.
  • Diaper bag or diaper pail. Any plastic bag and trash can with flip cover will do.
  • Nursing cover aprons. Scarves or layering tank tops and shirts are all you need. Plus you’ll be busting your boobs out at home. When you’re out in public you’ll learn to layer or not give a shit about what others may think. All you’ll care about is feeding your baby.
  • Wipe warmers. They’re a waste of money.
  • Baby food processor. A normal blender will do.
  • Hooded baby towels. Your own normal ones are fine.
  • Digital Baby monitor. Their cry is all you need in the beginning. However, later on you can decide to add this on.


(For Mommy)

  • Nipple Cream. A must for those first weeks of breastfeeding. Even if you don’t continue doing it, get it! That shit will soothe your nipples the first couple of weeks.
  • Nursing bras
  • Nursing pads. You will leak and squirt, that’s the reality.
  • Diaper bag for traveling and to keep all your necessities.
  • H2O. Drink copious amounts of water! Constant hydration is so important and needed when you are nursing your little one or pumping.
  • My Breast Friend Pillow. This really is your BEST friend!  Especially when you’re nursing your baby and your arms have gone numb through the day and night. The fact that you can wear it like a belt is a lifesaver!
  • Boppy Pillow. I got one after 5-6 weeks. Since baby girl started to grow in length and honestly my breastfriend needed another friend.
  • Nipple shield.  The struggle is real! (Depending if your baby is able to latch onto you). Even if you think you may not need it, you may. 
  • Breast milk freezer storage bags
  • Breast pump.  I did it old school and had a hand pump one. I found it faster, and convenient. Plus a good workout! My electric one, I’ve never used and will be donating.
  • Bath salts and bubble bath soaks. Self care is very important and needed to keep your mommy sanity. Once a day, once a week, or every other day, take a nice, warm, hot, bubble bath/bath soak. Your whole body will thank you and you’ll feel wonderful afterwards! Might I add, bathing or even showering in heated waters can help with your milk production.

(For Baby) Newborn to 3 months


  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Portable changing pad, this was great! I was able to change baby girl anytime and anywhere. Keep it by your nightstand! Boom, good to go!
  • 3-5 BPA Free bottles
  • 5+ burp cloths

Clean up

  • Baby tub
  • Baby shampoo and soap
  • Baby oil
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby complete healthcare kit. These include: baby thermometers, nail clippers, suction bulb, etc.


  • 5+ Plain white onsies. Plain is really good, since there will be many poopy and projectile spit up accidents.
  • 5+ Socks
  • 1-2 leggings
  • 1-2, Seasonal baby sweater and hoodie
  • 3+ baby pajamas, zipper or snaps
  • 2+ baby hats, knitted or fleece


  • Baby sling or wrap. Another life saver! This allows you to keep baby close to you and actually do other things, such as: use the bathroom, cook dinner, do dishes, or laundry, etc. I have both for variety and for just in case needs.  It’s good to have one at home and for outside travel. When your baby pukes while inside the wrap or sling, and it will happen, you’ll be glad to have another clean one handy.
  • Infant car seat and stroller. We purchased the combo!
  • Baby backseat mirror for your vehicle. This is amazing! You can keep an eye on baby, while driving, just to make sure they’re safe.


  • Co sleeper. The Arms reach is perfect! We still use it and baby will be right by your bed.
  • Portable pack and play yard, depending which you purchase, baby can sleep here too.
  • 3+ Blanket swaddles. Not the velcro ones. Your baby will grow fast and they’ll want to move their legs.
  • 1-2 Cotton/fleece blankets, for cover in car seat or stroller, on cold days.


  • Baby swing. The one with music and vibration really helps!
  • 2 Pacifiers
  • Squishy stuffed toy
  • Crinkly book
  • Play mat

LATER ON —— After 3 months, you can eventually use and will add:

  • Actual crib
  • Crib mattress
  • Baby mobile
  • Baby bedding , water proof mattress cover
  • Bouncer
  • Baby humidifier 
  • Teething and soothing toys
  • Baby carriers, backpack looking ones
  • Baby high chair
  • Baby grocery cart cover
  • Digital/visual Baby monitor
  • Touchy feely books
  • Rattle toys
  • Baby utensils, plates, sippy cups, etc.
  • All in one car seat. This will save you money in the long run and it will grow with baby!

Don’t worry, family and friends will be gifting you loads of cute  baby clothes, accessories,  and toys.

Hope this helps! Happy baby gear shopping 🙂