Yay! Congratulations your pregnant! or Oh shit, your pregnant! What to do next?!

1. Schedule an appointment for a blood test. If you’ve missed your period and have taken several over the counter pregnancy tests, and results show a positive line, best thing to do is take a blood test. Contact your doctor or local clinic to schedule one. The office will contact you within 24 hours or so, and you’ll finally know if you are really pregnant.

2. Keep in mind of SuperfetationThe occurrence of a second conception during pregnancy, giving rise to embryos of different ages in the uterus. Though it’s not common, it can happen. Back to back pregnancies don’t sound fun. Consult your doctor or midwife.

3. Download a pregnancy app. It’s great! You can track your baby’s growth and development daily. I loved seeing how my baby grew weekly and her size as a fruit or vegetable. Also depending on the app, you get educational information daily on the trimester your in. I personally used, the app!

4. Start taking a prenatal vitamin & eating healthy. It’s best if you were able to start taking prenatal vitamins before your pregnancy. However, if this was unplanned, you should begin taking them during your pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins provide nutrients for you and your baby. They contain Folic Acid, Iron, and Calcium that our beneficial for baby’s growth. In addition to taking prenatal vitamins, its always good to start eating healthy. Your going to have cravings for processed foods and gaining weight is inevitable. As you approach your third trimester, you’ll start to feel tired and lethargic.  Eating healthy will  give you energy and help with your baby’s development.

5. Plan on when to announce your pregnancy. Some women wait to announce their pregnancy after the 12 weeks mark, due to the risk of miscarriages in the first trimester. However, it really is up to you and your partner. Take the time to discuss it together and set a date on when it is most comfortable for both of you.  Be creative, there are countless ways you can announce your due date to family and friends!

6. Start a baby registry. Its never too early to start planning on the essentials you and baby will need. Even if you don’t know their gender yet, you can still prepare and research. I took this time to read reviews on baby items, such as: strollers, cribs, breastfeeding gear, infant car seats, toys, etc. I found that was quite helpful in organizing the items I needed.

When you sense yourself getting stressed out and overwhelmed… Remember to just breathe. Happy pregnancy!

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